About Xmplify & MOSO

MOSO is a software house based in Brisbane, Australia, co-founded by Damian Morris and Andrew Sorensen.

Damian was first diagnosed with the programming bug when he asked for an Extended Basic cartridge for Christmas for the family TI 99/4A, instead of Parsec. He's been creating bugs ever since, and is the author of Xmplify, which he first created in 2006 in order to learn Objective-C and Cocoa. Damian is @drdmdrdmdrdm on Threads and @drdm on Twitter.

Andrew got seriously into computing when he realised he could program a computer to program a score. The outcome was jMusic, an early open-source music library for Java. Andrew explores cyberphysical programming using his Extempore programming language and runtime environment, and even wrote a PhD on the subject. (Also, because live-coding is so 2005.) Andrew is @digego on Twitter.